Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30th Birthdays

Delta Burke and Lisa Kudrow

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

174 Days and this Stupid Schmuck Goes Away

The Time cover I imagined!

Do you ever wonder how many times this idiot was dropped on his head as a baby???

Damn I Missed His Birthday 7/27

There will be more Jonathan coming...

As an American I HATE this current administration...MORONS and EMBARRASSMENTS

Better late than never as they say.
BUT...since I just started blogging I need to get it out of my system. This will make my buddies happy since I have another place to vent.
I HATE gw, that idiot douche-bag. I HATE the idiots that got him into office. I especially HATE his vp. Strong word HATE huh? But I do and that's that! So homeland security come after me if you want...I am not afraid of you or the jackass who gave you unconstitutional power.

If you are Gay and voted for him you are MAD!!! What would you say about a Jew who voted for Hitler in 1939 in Germany? or Strom Thurum ever? That they were mad, insane, ignorant and downright stupid?!!??. If the shoe fits...
What the hell is a Log Cabin republican anyway? Also IDIOTS!!!

January 20th can't come fast enough for me.
Impeach, Imprison and IMPALE gw and all the morons around this idiot.

What I've Been Thinking the past 8 Years.

I Love Everything Vampires!

Since "Moonlight" was bloody cancelled I look forward to this from the creator of "Six Feet Under".

Army Wives

Army Wives Part 2

Summer TV can be great!
A wonderful show on The Lifetime Channel.
Season One now on DVD.


Just a great-time fun movie.

I went with a group of friends acting like teenagers all over again.
Heck, maybe we never acted like teenagers this way because being gay we always needed to be on guard.
Well no guards anymore.,,just laughter, fun, oohs and aahs all around.

Meryl was great. Her "Winner Takes It All" was breath-takeingly amazing.What the voice lacked, and that wasn't a helluva lot, was made up by the acting of the song.
Amanda Seyfried was lovely, charming...a sheer delight.
Colin Firth amazed as always.
There was overall not a single off performance. Halfway through the film I knew I'd be back soon and so I will.

So I finally have the beginnings of a top 10 for 2008. Next up is Batman. Just wanted those lines to get in become a bit shorter.

Bravo Mamma Mia, the cast and of course ABBA!!!

And Mamma Mia Has Arrived