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DOMA Stuck Down by Supreme Court

equality rules
we are now legally equal
just for the record:  i was always equal know matter what they said.

Stepen Schwartz: 'Testimony'

'pippin' lyricist and composer stephen schwartz composed this song about teens coming to terms with their sexuality and thoughts of suicide.
it is performed by the san francisco gay men's chorus

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Josh's Jukebox: A 'Glee' Moment 'Baby Got Back'

from the soundtrack of my life

 i've always liked the 'glee' covers even when i found the show uneven from time to time. for me 'glee' is all about the music. it's when they have tried original music it tanked.

this was one of the best from the past last season.

joey richter
'baby got back'

Monday, June 24, 2013

Pollution Alert

the airways are about to be polluted again, further, as this moron resurfaces on tv on the pornographic fox news network.

Friday, June 21, 2013

'Same Love'

i never expected to put a rap song here. just not my taste or my generation. but here it is. never say never they say.
wht now? the artist is rapping about growing up gay, the struggles of being gay and about standing up for oneself in the face of hated and homophobia. bravo.

voaal by mary lambert, macklemore and ryan lewis

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lara Fabian

every year or so i like to sing the praises of lara fabian and hopefully introduce her to new readers and ears.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Too Soon?

i like naomi watts. she's a good actress. she's cracked my top 10 best current actresses on film today.
i liked daiana, the princess of wales. but is it too soon for a biopic no matter the caliber of the actress portraying her? diana is still etched in the minds of most living prople still.

here's the first trailer for the film 'diana'

Monday, June 17, 2013

'Glee': 'There are Worse Things I Could Do'

from the soundtrack of my life
continuing 'glee'...i'm not posting every song from the show but those i really enjoyed and that i found had the musical merit that fit my tastes.
naya rivera, kate hudson and unique

Sunday, June 16, 2013

HRA Celebrates Father's Day

congrats and happy father's day to all these dad's and all those who accepted their sons as mine did. happy father's day dad.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Favorite Broadway - The Leading Ladies

o what a night!!! host julie andrews, bebe neuwirth, karen ziemba, linda eder, priscilla lopez, dorothy loudon, liza minnelli, marin mazzie, audra mcdonald, judy kuhn and elaine stritch shine in my galaxy. the rest aren't too shabby either.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

'Love Is Hard to Rearrange'

just because i'm in withdrawal and here in the states i have a bit less than 6 months to go before season 4 airs. damn lucky brits get it in septmber.

some 'downton' moments

and who could forget

'every breathe you take'

the end of their story

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Raul Esparza: 'Simple Joys'

now that 'pippin' won those tony's here is the fabulous tony winner ('company') raul esparza giving us 'simple joys'

Lost in Motion

I Know I Shouldn't Laugh But...

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

'Pretty Little Liars'

they're back. tonight. thank the gods.

'Twisted': Premier Tonight on ABCFamily

i saw the pilot for this new abcfamily series. following the season premier of 'pretty little liars' it has the makings of another guilty pleasure.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Neil and Audra Closing Tony's 2013

neil was at his brilliant best. the writers did it again! getting all the winners ready for the closing number. amazing. and neil learns it lickity split. he's brilliant.
this year he brought out the godess to 'help' him out. like he needs help!!! but i love audra and was thrilled she was with him..

the finale 2013

Tony Performances

this number with laura benanti, megan hilty and andrew rannells joining neil on stage was brilliantly funny. especially ms benanti.

and from 'cinderella'

Judith Light Wins Second Tony in a Row

judith's win

'Pippin' Did Reign Supreme

i wrote the other day i love 'pippin'. i predicted the win and the one for lead actress patins miller.
like 'chicago's revival i think this incarnation will pass the run of the original numbers wise. damn 'chicago' has rightfully been running 17 years. how many times dis i see that??? don't ask.

here is 'pippin'

Neil's Opening at the Tony's

(more to come)

Tony's 2013

as i knew neil patrick harris was great yet again. 'pippin' and it's lead actress patina miller took home the tony's for best revival and musical actress. and my baby judith light won her second tony in a roe in supporting category. i knew she'd be great the moment she appeared on my tv as karen wolek in 'one life to live'.

pippin and patina miller

billy porter
(yes that is mr porter)

judith light

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Tony's: Neil Patrick Harris

2009 opening

2011 opening

2012 opening

need i say more?



so for god's sake watch neil and the tony's tonight
(i love this guy) 

ok ok one more with hugh jackman

The Tony's: 'Pippin' Will Rule at Last!!!

i love 'pippin'. i love the score, i loved bob fosse's choreography. i always loved his choreography! 'pippin' introduced me to the great jill clayburgh who played catherine. jill was replaced by betty buckley and that was my introduction to her brilliant voice. i saw 'pippin' a lot.

i am rooting for the revival to win the tony tonight for best revival naturally.

here are two numbers from the revival cast as they performed on 'good morning america' and 'letterman'.

'corner of the sky' and 'magic to do'

'simple joys'

 i'm betting on petina miller to win best actress in a musical.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jeremy Jordan and Jonathan Groff: 'Let Me Be Your Star'

jeremy jordon played jimmy in 'smash'. here he duets with jonathan groff on 'let me be your star' from 'smash's' pilot. i love when actors don't worry about the song's gender and perform it as written. wigs et al.

Tony Memories Part 2: The Performances

celebrate the broadway musical with me and these tony award highlights and don't forget to tune in tomorrow night for the 67th annual tony ceremony.

'hair' 2009

'they're playing our song' 1979

'the life' 1997

'the king and i' 1996

'gypsy' 2008

'les miserables' 1987

'man of la Mancha 2003

'the boy from oz' 2004

'a chorus line' 2007

'chicago' 1997

'cats' 1983

'porgy and bess' 2012

'evita' 1980

1981 tony's medley

'woman of the year' 1981

'applause' 1970

'fiddler on the roof' 1968

'into the woods' 1988

2012 opening with neil patrick harris

'evita' 2012

'pippin' 1973

'chicago' 1976

'cabaret' 1967

'cabaret' 1998

'grey gardens' 2007

'next to normal' 2009

'how to succeed in business without really trying' 2011

'la cage aux folles' 2010

'catch me if you can' 2011

'south pacific' 2008

'wicked' 2004

'anything goes' 1988

'spring awakening' 2007

'company' 2011

'company' 2007

'west side story' 2009

'ragtime' 1998

'the lion king' 2008

'three penny opera' 2006

'rent' 1996

'annie' 1977

'bosom buddies' bea arthur and angela lansbury

opening segment 1999 with patti lupone, betty buckley, jennifer holliday and rosie o'donnell

'110 in the shade' 2007

'grand hotel' 1990

'kiss of the spider woman' 1993

'drowsy chaperone' 2006

 'the phantom of the opera' 1988

'jesus christ superstar' 2012

'sweeney todd' 2006

sunday in the park with george' 2008

'sunday in the park with george' 1984

'my one and only' 1983

the fabulous dorothy loudon 1983

and let's finish all this greatness with the eleven o'clock number and angela lansbury 1989

enjoy the tony's

Friday, June 7, 2013

Broadway's Lost Treasures 2

in this compilation i was lucky and i repeat privlidged to see these performances of patti lupone, angela lansbury, bea arthur, richard kiley, nell carter, michael jetter, walter bobbie, george hearn, shirley verrett, jerry orbach, kathi moss, katharine hepburn and the original cast of les miserables live. great joy.
and i am grateful for this compilation to see those performances i did not see on broadway.


Tony Memories: And the Winners Are...

the tony's are given sunday night so let's make some memories
some of my favorite actresses wins are:

bebe neuwirth  lead actress musical in 'chicago' 1997

 angela lansbury musical lead for 'dear world' 1969, 'gypsy' lead 1975, 'sweeney todd' lead 1979 and 'blithe spirit' featured actress drama 2009.

maureen stapleton lead drama 1971

rita moreno supporting 1974 'the ritz'

christine baranski featured actress 'the real thing' 1984

maggie smith lead actress for 'lettice and lovage' 1990

mary-louise parker lead actress drams 'proof' 2001

audra mcdonald featured actress musical for 'ragtime' 1998

chita rivera lead actress musical 1993 'kiss of the spider woman' and 1984 'the rink'

donna murphy l996 lead musical actress for 'the king and i'

kelly bishop featured actress musical 1976 for'a chorus line'

patti lupone best actress musical 2008 for 'gypsy'

audra mcdonald lead actress musical 'porgy and bess' 2012

karen olivio featured musical actress 2009 for 'west side story'

(tomorrow some of my favorite performances at the tony awards)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

'Broadway's Lost Treasures' Part 1

it's that time of the year when we celebrate broadway. the tony awards are sunday evening. so for the next few days i take time to celebrate the broadway musical that has sososo much influenced my life. so much of broadway has been lost but there are  three compilations that save some of the best moments and performances from the great white way.
patti lupone, julie andrews, carol channing, angela lansbury, tommy tune, twiggy, dorothy loudon, joel grey, gwen verdon, chita rivera, jerry orbach, andrea mcardle, bonnie franklin and the brilliant barbara harris appear in part 1. i was lucky enough and privlidged to see all of their performances seen here live.

i will post part 2 tomorrow and part 3 one day next week following the 2013 awards.

(this compilation is available on dvd which you can purchase through the link on the right panel)

'Let Me Be Your Star'

i can't believe i never posted this. but i think maybe this is the best time to post it. from the pilot episode it's the number that gave us the hope that something wonderful had begun. but alas our hopes were dashed. again i say it's a shame it floundered then died. had they only built on this moment things might have been different but postmortems are just that. r.i.p.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Matthew Morrison: 'Where It All Began'

mr morrison's new cd is available today on disc and digital download.

here is a live version of the 'west side story' medley that appears on his new album that contains pop standards, musical and bluesy selections.

the official video 'it don't mean a thing'

Ice Cream Ad from Findland

Monday, June 3, 2013

'Mistresses' Tonight

'mistresses' is based on a brilliant british series of the same name. if you haven't seen it you should stream or rent it. will this live up to the original? i kind of doubt it but it does look like the visual version of a good trashy summer read without the sun and sand. i'm giving it a chance. hell trash can be fun when done right. and alyssa milano is some kind of adorable.

I've Got a Crush on You

taylor kinney is the hottest thing in 'chicago fire'

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Josh's Jukebox: 'Come See About Me'

from the soundtrack of my life

naya rivera, heather morris and dianna agron