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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Raul Esparza: 'Simple Joys'

now that 'pippin' won those tony's here is the fabulous tony winner ('company') raul esparza giving us 'simple joys'

Monday, June 10, 2013

'Pippin' Did Reign Supreme

i wrote the other day i love 'pippin'. i predicted the win and the one for lead actress patins miller.
like 'chicago's revival i think this incarnation will pass the run of the original numbers wise. damn 'chicago' has rightfully been running 17 years. how many times dis i see that??? don't ask.

here is 'pippin'

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Tony's: 'Pippin' Will Rule at Last!!!

i love 'pippin'. i love the score, i loved bob fosse's choreography. i always loved his choreography! 'pippin' introduced me to the great jill clayburgh who played catherine. jill was replaced by betty buckley and that was my introduction to her brilliant voice. i saw 'pippin' a lot.

i am rooting for the revival to win the tony tonight for best revival naturally.

here are two numbers from the revival cast as they performed on 'good morning america' and 'letterman'.

'corner of the sky' and 'magic to do'

'simple joys'

 i'm betting on petina miller to win best actress in a musical.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Josh's Juke Box: 'Magic to Do' and 'Corner of the Sky''

'pippin' is a favorite broadway show of mine. here are two of the opening songs performed by ben vereen and....written by stephen schwartz it is a pleasant musical romp thru the middle ages.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Jill Clayburgh: Memories

for me it all began with the musical 'pippin'. jill played catherine. she had three songs. at that moment she had me forever. jill had two solos and one duet with john rubenstein portraying pippin. these songs will appear in my 'loving jill' video over the weekend and on my ipod forever.

the tv film 'hustling', 'gable and lombard' and 'silver streak'  came next. but more on them later except to say that as carole lombard in the aforementioned 'gable and lombard' my love affair truly began.

and then in 1978....

the deal was cemented with her first major role as erica in 'an unmarried woman'. jill became the toast of the cannes film festival after it's premiere. she won best actress at that festival. the oscar money was on jill to win best actress in 1978. the oscar, heaven help us, went unwisely to jane fonda in the mediocre 'coming home'. another oscar crime.

i believe jill was too 'new york' for the mostly hollywood voter. it was this prejudice that cost her the oscar win. they just did not get jill or her character erica benton with their upper west side sensibilities.

about four minutes into the following scene you will see why she was at least oscar nominated. yes and why she should have won.

the following scene early in the film shows the dreams of the married woman. it's a charming and delightful scene that we have all imagined in some way or another. then dreams are shattered for awhile as she becomes an unmarried woman. erica benton as her portrayer would not let the bad permanently halt the future.

'an unmarried woman' began a string of roles for jill that showed smart,capable, independent women with a touch of the neurotic. hell that means she portrayed a real person. we all have our own nuerosis though try and hide them we might.

meet erica benton

to be continued

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Song of the Day: 'Spread a Little Sunshine' from "Pippin''

a mother's song for her son in 'pippin'. this was not exactly my mom but hell it is was someone's mother.

i love the musical 'pippin. it was the broadway show that introduced me to both jill clayburgh and then betty buckley, her replacement, as catherine the role of pippin's love interest.  the original starred john rubinstien in the title role but william katt admirably replaced him in this video adaptation. 

it remains in my top 10 broadway shows of all time.

here is chita rivera in the role of pippin's stepmother fastrada.