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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Tony's: Neil Patrick Harris

2009 opening

2011 opening

2012 opening

need i say more?



so for god's sake watch neil and the tony's tonight
(i love this guy) 

ok ok one more with hugh jackman

Thursday, April 4, 2013

'My Name Is Marius Pour Merci', 'And Mine's Cosette'

'cosette i don't know what to say'
'then make no sound'
'i am lost'
i am found'

i just found these photos via 'vogue' and just wanted to share them. i think they are quite beautiful. they have the air of 'their time' about them.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

'The Big Wedding' Opens April 26th

might be fun. will katherine heigl ruin it? she has not proven herself on the big screen yet to me.  if so can sayfried, deniro and sarandon save it?

Friday, March 29, 2013

'Les Miserables' Revisited ****stars

when i first reviewed 'lez miz' i gave it***1/2stars. not too shabby. but after rewatching it this past weekend i am giving it back the 1/2* it had not gotten. i'll use the excuse that i was not fully recovered from my surgery when i saw it in the theater. uncomfortability can be an influence.

first i knocked russel crowe's singing. yes it is still not that good but damn it it fits the role. i mean would josh groban's voice have worked for the character javert? no! as i see crowe play the role his voice or lack of works perfectly.

second i believed anne hathaway was being applauded for one song. i was wrong. her performance throughout her 18 minutes or so on screen was magnificent. no i did not have a lobotomy. on the second and third view she stll amazed me. 

i originally wrote it was a brilliant piece of film. i still say this. however, i add it is a masterpiece of musical film. i always believed 'fiddler on the roof' was the best translation from stage to film. it has moved to second place.

and oh amanda seyfried....she made me smile and cry on my second viewing. she is wonderful and the unsung piece of this film this past award season. it's not often i am more amazed the second time i see a film. generally i am less impressed or just feel the same as the first time. not so with 'lez miz'. 

and hugh jackman. in another year he would have won the oscar for best actor. but there was mr. lincoln. but today i wonder if mr. jackman was not the best actor this year. just thinking out loud. you must decide for yourself.

aaron tveit and eddie redmayne and samantha barks remain wonderful.
sasha baron cohen and helena bonham cater were both great comic relief in an other wise tragedy.

bravo tom hooper.

and here is the lovely unsung amanda seyfried with eddie redmayne

the cast at this year's oscar ceremony

More 'Lez Miz' Soundtrack

just some of my favorites from the score




Friday, March 22, 2013

'Les Miserables' Releases Today on Bluray and DVD

a grand filmed version gets it's home release today. it is worth every cent you pay to rent or buy it. mine is already preordered from amazon. if you haven't you get to see some damn good performances, one of the worst musical singers of all time in russell croew and anne hathaway's demand and plea for an oscar that she did get over the better sally field in 'lincoln'. crowe and hathaway aside this is a gem with two flaws.

hugh jackman, amanda seyfried, samantha barks, aaron tveit and eddie redmayne are brilliant!

the cast at the oscars:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

'Lovelace' Sneak Peak

to my surprise 'lovelace' is getting good reviews out of the sundance film festival. amanda is getting really good reviews. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

'Les Miserables' ***1/2

'les miz' is brilliant. the show that is. the tom hooper directed film is somewhat short of brilliant. but that is good. all of us 'les miz' fans have seen the film in our minds over the past 25 years. some of our thoughts and hopes may have been realized with this version. quite a few of mine were. well almost were. but i did not conceive hooper did and he is to be congratulated. he remained faithful to the original adding snippets here and there to tie together formally loose ends to make a more complete scenario. also a good move.

i cannot quibble with the production values. it is generally amazing to look at and listen to. generally.  for instance: there was just a bit, no maybe too much, excrement in the sewer scene. sometimes less is more. but this is a minor quibble. and vocally the idea to record live on set is quite remarkable with the exception of russell crowe.

the story of jean valjean (hugh jackman) begins with his release from prison, owning a factory encountering his former prison guard javert (russel crowe), encountering the down and out fantine (anne hathaway) and taking responsibility for her daughter cosette. but it all really picks up after the death of fantine when the story moves to paris and we meet the young revolutionaries led by enjoiras, (arron tveit) and his band of student rebels and his best friend marius (eddie redmayne), his friend eponine (samantha barks)  and the now grown cosette (amanda seyfried).

what we now have is an action filled revolt and true romance and the remnants of unrequited love and friends forever gone. and death. not your typical musical but still a bit above most all the others filmed.

the musical highlights are 'the red and black', 'in my life/a heart full of love, 'one day more', 'on my own', 'bring him home' and 'empty chairs at empty tables'. anne hathaways 'i dreamed a dream' is certainly her jennifer hudson moment. it and ms hathaway are wonderful but it is sung for the academy. it is her supporting actress oscar nomination and probable win. if there were justice that nom would go to samantha barks as eponine. i have never been kind to ms hathaway but will give her due credit here. she would just not get an oscar vote from me.

hugh jackman is terrific as jean valjean. eddie redmayne as marius is extraordinary. his 'empty chairs at empty tables is brilliant and a highlight. aaron tveit is a fitting and worthy enjoiras. samantha barks is the quitessential eponine and her 'on my own' is brilliant. amanda seyfried with an almost angelic voice is adorably convincing as the lovely cosset. sasha baron cohen and helena bonham carter add the necessary comic relief as the innkeeper thenardier's. and now we get to the weak link: russell crowe who's right for the part but not the singing. his voice is ear piercing. when he starts singing it just pulls you right out of the film. sadly. and admittedly it lost 1/2 a star because of him. 

all in all see it. it is a grand endeavor that succeeds. and samantha, eddie, aaron and amanda along with hugh amaze.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Les Miz' Art Work

'les misersbles' the film poster goes back to it's origins by using the young cosette rather than the name stars in it's artwork. it's a nice tribute to the original concept. and let's not forget the original is still running somewhere in the world these 25 years later.
the film has been moved to christmas day in the states

the film

the new featurette