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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

'Lincoln' Releases Today on Disc

oscar also-ran 'lincoln' gets it's bluray and dvd release today. daniel day lewis won his third deserved oscar and sally field should have won best supporting actress. it's a damn good film yet deservedly lost best picture to  'argo'. i'd suggest it came in possibly third afer 'life of pi'


sally  with oprah

sally on her son sam

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman' ***1/2stars

'the amazing spiderman' actually amazes. the 3d is great. the action is almost nonstop. the cast works, but it is andrew garfield as peter parker who along with the special effects makes the admission price more than worth it. he is a charmer to be sure. he was the best thing about 'the social network' and fulfilled the promise in 'never let me go'. he may be the best of his generation right now. he is so damn charismatic! emma stone was 'good' as gwen stacey but seems a bit 'old' for garfield. whereas mr. garfield did not make me miss tobey maquire the although lovely and talented ms stone made me long for kirsten dunst. andrew and kirsten would have worked better and fit better together. but that is a minor gripe.

sally field and martin sheen were the perfect aunt may and uncle ben.
denis leary and rhys ifans supported the whole well.

the story takes us back to the moments peter parker found out hoe he became spidey and why he did' it's a good ride. get the popcorn and soda and enjoy. it even calls for a return visit. see it in 3d. it works for this movie.


Friday, April 15, 2011

When Mary Met Sally

sally field has been picked by steven spielberg to play mary todd lincoln in 'lincoln' based on 'team of rivals' by doris kearns goodwin.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Sally

i love sally...always have...always will...enuf said!

two deserved oscar wins for best actress

and you know what? i like her. i really really still like her.

Monday, September 27, 2010

'Brothers and Sisters' Season Premiere Comes Back With a Vengence: A+

i thought the senator was dead. all summer i thought he was dead. he wasn't dead. he was kept in a vegetative comma by his republican wife. gotta love those republicans. they believe if you feed them they will rejuvenate and grow. not so. so kitty after she is offered the job to run the rnc changes her mind. now she can play god. damn those republicans are good!

but in the meantime...
justin portrayed by the amazing david annable comes home from war again but this time intact mentally and physically. he will get the floundering walker family back from the fog ans malaise and the depression they have fallen into. but first he must get the out of character silent and passive nora back. he gets her back. and together they get the rest of the walkers back to their normal everyday wine drinking argumentative selves. thank you justin.

the night truly beloned to sally field and david annable. the rest all shined but not quite as bright. and hopefully the dreadful balthzar getty is finally gone for good.

i thought this show might be on it's last legs. alas i was and am happily proved wrong. welcome back. better than ever i raise a glass to all of you.