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Thursday, June 6, 2013

'Let Me Be Your Star'

i can't believe i never posted this. but i think maybe this is the best time to post it. from the pilot episode it's the number that gave us the hope that something wonderful had begun. but alas our hopes were dashed. again i say it's a shame it floundered then died. had they only built on this moment things might have been different but postmortems are just that. r.i.p.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

R.I.P 'Smash'

'smash' was a valiant effort that was ruined by misguided plotlines. but there were moments of musical genius. and some less than genius. and a number that were downright awful. i'm going over my list of musical numbers and may, probably, will post, repost, my favorites.

but for now here are a two highlights from it's curtain call. i will say they wrapped things up nicely. they left no loose ends. some seem inspired and others seemed forced. but generally when a series ends we are left hanging. the writers i think did their best, almost best, to conclude the series.

'under pressure' gave us most of the cast together to say goodbye to.

          'broadway here i come'

''big finish' did indeed give the leading ladies the chance to finish big.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A 'Smash Moment: 'Some Boys'

from the soundtrack of my life
as 'smash' winds down (and out) i'm going to publish the musical numbers in the queue.

katharine mcphee

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Smashing 'That's Life' from the Soundtrack of My Life

perhaps 'smash' would have fared better had they given katharine mcphee and megan hilty more duets. 'that's life' is an arguement for this. away from the constraints of the suffocating 'bombshell' the combination of karen and ivy is a let it go, let loose, knock it out of the park, kick it in the ass dynamic duo. the long suffering series needed more moments like this.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Team Ivy vs Team Karen

now there is actually something to compare. ivy get's to sing the really good 'don't forget me' when the pretty awful 'bombshell' has it's opening night on broadway on the show within a show 'smash'. karen got to do it when it premiered in boston. i think they both did it great justice. two different interpretations: two different takes.  argue amongst yourselves.
this 'bombshell' would bomb on broadway. with the exception of this song and 'let me be your star' the music and lyrics were amateurish and pedantic. it is not making it on tv so who the hell thinks it will make it for almost $200.00 a pop. duh.

that said this song is wonderful and gets a nod from the soundtrack of my mind yet again.

katherine mcphee (karen)

megan hilty (ivy)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Second Try on 'Don't Forget Me'

'smash' season 2 premiers tomorrow ...

Josh's Jukebox: ''Smash's'' 'Don't Forget Me'

on 5/15 i posted the audio only version of this song. well i just found the full vidoe on youtube and want to share it. i have not been able to get this song out of my head. goosebumps. and fitting since season 2premiers this month...finally!

katharine mcphee 'don't forget me'

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Josh's Juke Box: 'The Prayer'

from the soundtrack of my life

'the prayer' is a beautiful song especially as a duet. many have been done but this one vocalized by andrea bocelli and katharine mcphee is my favorite.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Josh's Jukebox: 'Shake It Out'

there was some silliness on the internet re 'smash'. for the whole of the first season 'they', whoever 'they' are, were playing this 'team karen' or 'team ivy' thing. privately i got caught up in it. then reviewing my blog i realized i might just 'admit' i was 'team karen' all along. but really i was/am team mcphee!

so here's another katherine mcphee terrific vocal.

from the jukebox of my like

and the original and catchy and wonderful...
florence+the machine

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

'Smash': 'Don't Forget Me'

katharine mcphee is amazing with an amazing voice. i never watched her on 'idol'. i really never watched 'idol' at all. so smash is my introduction to ms mcphee. i am in love with her voice.

unfortunately this is just the song as opposed to the show video. but but is the voice that counts.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sometimes 'Smash' Gets It Right

especially if they use katharine mcphee properly. when they give her the spotlight. perhaps now that megan hilty's character may be replaced as 'marilyn' and that the show's creator is OUT they can concentrate on the real talent. MCPHEE!!!

'touch me'

'brighter than the sun'

it was obvious in ep.1 who the STAR was when they both asked us to 'let me be your star'

her costar megan hilty just does not make the cut. trying to embody marilyn monroe she lacks warmth. she does have a voice but her acting chops leave everything to be desired. she tries to be sexual something marilyn monroe did not have to try to be. she was sexuality personified. and monroe had an abundance of warmth and charm. and much like anne hathaway ms. hilty has as much charm as a meat clever.

if this show is going to make it they had best rethink some of their choices. the ellis character has to go. hilt's ivy character needs to go back to the chorus or better yet to a secretarial pool. are there still secretarial pools?

okay then one more from mcphee

'rumour has it'

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

''Smash'' Just Isn't

a good idea going south. except for 'i want to be your star' the original songs written for the show ''marilyn'' within the show would surely promise closing in boston or oskoch and never see the lights broadway. 

although katharine mcphee shows promise here the other marilyn wanna be megan hilty is a bit too obvious and to be kind not quite pretty. she might work on stage beyond the third row but on camera she just can't shine.

anjelica huston is fun and debra messing rises way above her annoying 'grace' formerly with will. neither will save this i think.

i'm sorry to say that unless something happens fast this is on the bubble that will burst.