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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' ***1/2

'salmon fishing in the yemen' is a lost gem of 2012. perhaps because it has one of the worst titles of the year. don't let that title fool you. it's one of those slice of life films i enjoy.  it's quite simple: a sheik wants to bring the sport of fly fishing to the yemen and his faith dares want to make the impossible possible. and of course there is the love angle as the relationship between consultant and expert, emily blunt and ewan mcgregor, grows from mutual admiration to something more. emily blunt is wonderful (i love her actually) and ewan mcgregor is subtly brilliant as always. and last but not least there is a rare comedic turn by the wonderful kristen scott thomas (i love her too). and yes emily and kristen are almost always wonderful and more.

this one is already available on disc and digital download. take a chance you may get swept in.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' ***stars

'salmon fishing in the yemen' opened earlier this year without much fanfare. it's a shame. despite having one of the worst titles of the year it's a good film. it's a nice accessible film with wonderful performances by emily blunt and ewan mcgregor and a rare comedic turn from the great kristen scott thomas. so don't let the title fool you. sure there is salmon fishing but that's only the starting point for this heartwarming film and romance. rent this charmer, sit back and enjoy a film aimed at grownup audiences.

available at amazon. see sidebar.

Friday, June 15, 2012

'The Woman in the Fifth'

one brilliant actress and one damn good actor open in select theaters today in 'the woman in the fifth'. my love for kristin scott thomas is well known. i wait for the day she gets her oscar. it's time for her to move from bridesmaid to bride.


Monday, September 5, 2011

'Love Crime' and Kristin Scott Thomas

'love crime' opens in la and ny on september 9. no word yet on wide releases. but how lucky we are that the wonderful ms thomas has two films stateside this year. you must see 'sarah's key'. ms thomas is at home in french and english. as for me ms thomas can speak in any language and i am there.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

'Sarah's Key' ****stars

sometimes a film comes along that takes over your heart, mind, spirit and readjusts one's moral compass. . 'sarah's key' is one of those films. based on the novel of the same name it's the path of a journalist who uncovers a story that involves the french collabarators of the axix powers in ww2, the jews in the marais section of paris, and eventually her own family as she unlocks the story of sarah's key. sarah is remarkably played by young actress melusine mayance. she locks her brother in a closet during a jewish roundup hoping to release him in a few short days. this would not happen. as journalist julia jarmond investigates the story unfolds in past and present time.

although a work of fiction those of us who have studied the jewish situation during the nazi hell and the vichy collaboration know this story could have happened. i cannot recommend this smallish film enough. it will not get the 'talk' come oscar season but it damn well should. i think i will be hard pressed to find a more important film this season.

and now kristin scott thomas: ms thomas choses her roles wisely. she once again proves here that she is one of the best cinema has to offer. even in silence she explodes. some day, if there is any justice, she will win her oscar.

a surprise appearance by aidan quinn as william rainsford, sarah's son, in the present time of the film is exceptional. it is good to see him in a meaty role, no matter how brief, again. i would give him a supporting actor nod.

with all the fuss of 'schindler's list' and 'sophie's choice' this this the period film that 'moves' you. oddly i found spielberg's 'schindler's list' void of emotion. i found the 'present day' portion of 'sophie's choice' just plain awful. the key to 'sarah's key' is the unlocking of the truth between past and present seamlessly.

as of this day it is my favorite, best, film of 2011.

'sarah's key'

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Catching Up on 2010 Films

'secretariat' i'm sorry to say i missed on the 'big' screen'. knowing the ending did not diminish it at all. that's due the expert direction and editing. diane lane is wonderful once again. ***1/2 stars.

'twelve' is the darker side of 'gossip girl'. it's just a drug crazed teen horror story. forget about it. the onlt redeeming thing in it was chace crawford and because of him alone it gets *1/2 stars.

'the american' is a bore. everything about it sucked. really! 0 stars. yup zero!

 a look at the early life of john lennon is a pleasant surprise. i watch everything kristen scott thomas is in so naturally i rented this. it is so much more than ms. scott thomas. a really good performance by aaron johnson centers the film which relates the factual tug-of-war between his aunt (scott thomas) who raised him and his mother (anne-marie duff is terrific) who let him go and the formation of the future beetles. i really recommend this movie. ***stars.

america the beautiful? not so much. no surprise to me. the true story about the lies and cover up of one one's death to promote the illegal war. 

a tense but sober look at a 12 year old vampire. however it is anything but childish. ***stars