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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This 'Gatsby' is Not 'Great'. It Is Not Even Good.

this gatsby is mediocre at best. more like 'the meh gatsby'. for once i should have listened to the great majority of critics. so i have to go along with the vast majority. it is a monumental bore and now qualifies as the worst film of 2012 thus far. it is even worse than 'oz the great and powerful. that's saying a lot. leo was wasted. in fact for the first time ever i will say that he, one of my favorites, was awful. carey mulligan? why? why do directors still want this woman in their films. she is a vacant actress. there is nothing there. she is basically expressionless throughout this film as usual.
3d? why? there was no need for this to be filmed in anything but 2d if it needed to be filmed at all. which it was not!
1/2* and i'm being kind.