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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jill Clayburgh: Memories V: 1981-1983

jill had three more major releases that showcased her star quality if not her declining box office success between 1981 and 1983.

1981 gave us 'first monday in october'. based on the broadway play jill played the first woman appointed as a supreme court justice. jill was perfect for the role as the intelligent, independent woman that she embodied. the plotline after her selection to the court declined into a silly unrealistic 'mystery'. jill was as good as ever but caught in an underwhelming and inferior script.

1982 gave us 'i'm dancing as fast as i can'. it was a 'rushed' job as another hollywood strike was looming. jill later said she believed this real life drama about valium withdrawal may have been served better as a tv film. perhaps she was correct. it bombed at the box office and left even me wishing her talent had not been wasted on it. 

1983's 'hannah k' more or less put the proverbial nail in jill's star power and film career. she wanted to work with costa-kravas and considering he was the director and she was the star this should have been a hit. so what went wrong? it's politics went wrong. jill portrayed an attorney in this pro palestinian drama. it was a good film but theater owners refused to show it. so much for free speech. i'll say this as a jew...should we not be able to see two sides of the story? guess not! 

if you can find it see it. it's better than we'd be led to believe.

jill's era came to an end in 1983. she would go on to star and costar in films and tv movies until her untimely death. she concentrated more on motherhood thru the 80's and 90's. she returned to the stage where her talent was better utilized and appreciated.

i truly believe had she lived the screen would have seen her 'rise' again much like julie christie has after her 'icon' period ended. like julie she would have returned in good and meaty roles later in life and would have been a welcome relief from 'the flavor of the year' actresses. we'll never really know but i know that i am correct.

rest in peace friend jill. you are sorely missed but have left a nice body of work for us to revisit. thank you for your talent, your grace and your beauty.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jill Clayburgh: Memories III

after 'an unmarried woman' there were four films that kept jill in the spotlight but her dominance in film as the iconic 70's woman was about to end. jill made some strange choices during this period. but she wanted to work with great directors like bertolucci and costa- kravas. these turned out to be great personal choices but bad career moves. remember in hollywood actors, particularly women, are only as good as their last film or should i say the gross income of their last film. the following did not make money. jill's star power was fading. i always considered this a great loss for film.

first there was 'luna' prior to 'starting over'. jill wanted to work with bernardo bertolucci and she did in this film. the topic bordered on the strange often bizarre and bordered on the incestuous. it was rough to watch for many. jill was amazing in it. the audience was not ready for it. yet it is a good film and deserves a shot. if you are squeamish by-pass it. otherwise take a risk and decide for yourself.

the opening scene of 'luna'. the cameraman on this filmed loved jill. it is so apparent. she has never looked so beautiful on screen.

to be continued

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Loving Jill


my tribute to jill.

the songs are from the musical 'pippin'. jill does the vocals with john rubenstein on the duet.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jill Clayburgh: Memories II

1979's 'starting over' gave jill her second and final oscar nom. there was no chance at all as sally field was the deserved front runner and winner for 'norma rae'. i've often wondered what jill was thinking when sally's name was announced as jill had turned down the role as did jane fonda who was also nominated for 'the china syndrome'.

it was a cute movie but a minor follow-up to 'an unmarried woman'. actually candice bergman stole the film in a supporting nominated role. candice lost to meryl streep in 'kramer vs kramer' but i digress.

one of the rare moments in 'starting over' that allowed jill to shine

1980 brought 'it's my turn'. i love this breezy romantic comedy that teamed jill with michael douglas. charles grodin costarred. it's a charmer. my only question is: why the hell has this not been released on dvd? luckily itunes has it available for download.

spoiler alert: the following are the beginning and the end.

the beginning

the end

that's a wrap

(to be continued)

Monday, November 8, 2010

R.I.P. Jill

i have been away from home and computer access. i would never have not acknowledged the passing of the amazingly talented and mostly underutilized jill clayburgh.  jill and my partner ed, who passed in 1990, had a special relationship that was formed out of my sheer idolatry of her and her talent. it was ed who basically 'stalked' her to get me access. she loved it and was amused by it actually. i am deeply saddened by the news of her passing. knowing her though i am not at all surprised by the privacy she kept regarding her health. you have been taken from us much too soon. rest in peace my lovely friend.

more on this wonderful woman and actress to come.`

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Remembering Carole Lombard on Her Birthday

carole lombard was the zaniest film comedianne of all time. she died too young in a plane crash while selling war bonds during world war 2. she lives on film forever.

my two favorite lombard films

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let's Talk About Kim

it appears to be time for a kim novak collection. and it is deserved. i love kim novak. was she the best actress ever? no. so what. she was a personality who could act. she was one studios answer to marilyn monroe. did she beat out monroe? no. was she a better actress than monroe? hell yes and most film historians agree. i'm a film historian and i sure agree. so there!

and did i mention she's a beauty.

the collection includes 'bell book and candle', 'jeanne eagles', 'picnic', 'middle of the night' and the truly awful 'pal joey'.

'pinic', and 'jeanne eagles' are among my favorite kim films. they would be joined by 'vertigo', 'the legend of lylah clare', 'bell book and candle' and the 'notorious landlady' in my collection.

but i also give you the following kim films that i like a lot. are they great films. hell no. some are good. some are campy. hell 'the legend of lylah clare' that i listed above is one of the campiest films ever. hey i'm gay. we love campy movies.

so give the collection a try. but avoid the bastardized 'pal joey' that went from a damn good broadway musical to a lousy frank sinatra ego trip of a movie.

i give you miss kim novak

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Barbara

is it possible that barbara harris is 74 today?

i went to smoke enders with ms. harris. truly. we had a hoot together. we lost touch eventually but my heart carries the memories. i also cherish seeing her in 'the apple tree' and 'on a clear day you can see forever'. and 'freaky friday' remains a classic disney film, hitchcock's 'family plot' and then there is her brilliant performance in the classic 'nashville'.

on a side note: when the film critic of 'new york' magazine at the time reviewed the barbra streisand he film version of 'on a clear day you can see forever' he commented 'barbra streisand is missing more than an A from her name but compared to barbara harris she is missing everything from B to Z.

so happy birthday barbara and thanks for the cherished memories.
especially this one from her tony award performance in 'the apple tree'

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Mary Stuart Masterson

a wonderful actress. so underrated and under used.

wonderful on film and was so wonderful in the revival of 'nine' on broadway. hell she can sing too...and damn well at that.

'my husband makes movies' and 'be on your own' from ''nine"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Meryl

my favorite meryl films

'i'm checking out' from ''postcards from the edge''... i love this!

and from 'mamma mia'

'the winner takes it all'


'mamma mia' with film clips

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Julianna

happy birthday julianna and thanks for making this a better year with your great wife in 'the good wife'. the emmy ballots are in the mail...get started on looking for what you'll be wearing to the awards ceremony as you are most definitely attending.