Sunday, March 31, 2013

'A New Argentina' and 'Buenos Aires'

writing of the man who is now pope, from argentina, the soundtrack of my mind plays on. the question is patti or madonna. easy. both!

'a new argentina'

with mandy patinkin

'buenos aires'

Is There Finally a Pope for the New Millenium?

urbi et orbi

a mere 13 years old this century is. and yet none too soon the papal state may have found a papa closer to the teachings of the man called jesus than ever before most especially the last man who held this title. for he presents himself as merely a man. this is a good thing. as a jew, like jesus, i possibly can see this man in the jesus image. his humility. his grace. his spirit. no conversion here i assure you but i can see this man as i saw ghandi. that is a good man, a man of peace. we can only hope he can truly take up the sins of his church and renew the spirit  of the prophet jesus.

 his easter sunday sermon.
a sermon of peace

Just the Cutest Neices

happy easter

Happy Easter

Happy Birthday Shirley a Film Musical Legend and Oscar Winner

i haven't done a lot of birthdays lately but c'mon it's shirley jones. oscar winner for 'elmer gantry' ms jones charmed as laurie williams and julie jordon 'oklahoma' and 'carousel' respectively.

from 'oklahoma'

'many a new day'

'out of my dreams'

'o-k-l-a-h-o-m-a' medley

from 'carousel'

'if i loved you'

shirley won her well deserved oscar for 'elmer gantry' playing against type to the shock of musical fans everywhere.

shirley also played marian paroo in one of my least favorite translations from stage to screen in 'the music man'.

'marion the librarian'

'till there was you'

as musical films began to fade shirley took to the small screen in the silly 'the partridge family'. 

happy birthday shirley

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Monca Potter

with the network tv season winding down i just want to say monica potter on 'parenthood' gave one of this year's best performances. she definitely gave the bravest performance as kristina braverman. faced with cancer she set her pacing well with all it's ups (not many) and downs (plenty). through many a horrific scene she kept us stareing at the screen both saddened and horrified. if she does not get an emmy nom if not the emmy itself, there is no justice.

Friday, March 29, 2013

'New Rules'

'real time' is a repeat tonight. so here's last week's 'new rules'.  the pope parts were funny and true.

It's Time

'Les Miserables' Revisited ****stars

when i first reviewed 'lez miz' i gave it***1/2stars. not too shabby. but after rewatching it this past weekend i am giving it back the 1/2* it had not gotten. i'll use the excuse that i was not fully recovered from my surgery when i saw it in the theater. uncomfortability can be an influence.

first i knocked russel crowe's singing. yes it is still not that good but damn it it fits the role. i mean would josh groban's voice have worked for the character javert? no! as i see crowe play the role his voice or lack of works perfectly.

second i believed anne hathaway was being applauded for one song. i was wrong. her performance throughout her 18 minutes or so on screen was magnificent. no i did not have a lobotomy. on the second and third view she stll amazed me. 

i originally wrote it was a brilliant piece of film. i still say this. however, i add it is a masterpiece of musical film. i always believed 'fiddler on the roof' was the best translation from stage to film. it has moved to second place.

and oh amanda seyfried....she made me smile and cry on my second viewing. she is wonderful and the unsung piece of this film this past award season. it's not often i am more amazed the second time i see a film. generally i am less impressed or just feel the same as the first time. not so with 'lez miz'. 

and hugh jackman. in another year he would have won the oscar for best actor. but there was mr. lincoln. but today i wonder if mr. jackman was not the best actor this year. just thinking out loud. you must decide for yourself.

aaron tveit and eddie redmayne and samantha barks remain wonderful.
sasha baron cohen and helena bonham cater were both great comic relief in an other wise tragedy.

bravo tom hooper.

and here is the lovely unsung amanda seyfried with eddie redmayne

the cast at this year's oscar ceremony

More 'Lez Miz' Soundtrack

just some of my favorites from the score




Thursday, March 28, 2013

Josh's Jukebox: 'All By Myself'

from the soundtrack of my life

'all by myself'
eric carmen

Josh's Jukebox: 'Anything Goes'

from the soundtrack of my life

'anything goes'
a new crush: jonathan groff

an everlasting love: patti lupone

Why? Because I Like Them!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How the Hell Did I Miss This 'Till Today

 from the soundtrack of my life

this is a gay man's wet dream. patti grapping onto 'don't rain on my parade'. freakin A.

A Glee Moment: 'Mama Mia'

'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Begins 3/31

i have really been enjoying this series. season 2 was recently released on dvd and bluray and i recommend you catch up. it is really epic in it's scope.

season 3 trailers

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yes, DOMA Should Be Overturned

i have great expectations

Bette Back on Broadway

Oscars Pushed to March 4 in 2014

'Lincoln' Releases Today on Disc

oscar also-ran 'lincoln' gets it's bluray and dvd release today. daniel day lewis won his third deserved oscar and sally field should have won best supporting actress. it's a damn good film yet deservedly lost best picture to  'argo'. i'd suggest it came in possibly third afer 'life of pi'


sally  with oprah

sally on her son sam

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Stephen Sondheim

to help you celebrate here is patti lupone performing your songs

 and neil patrick harris

Bill Maher: New Rules

If You Missed It: Maggie Smith on '60 Minutes' and More

i love dame maggie and have not given this two time oscar winner her due.
in a just world she would be honored every day

'60 minutes'
some favorite dowager countess violet grantham moments
and then some
always blunt but always right and always brilliant
those looks: that bell!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

'Oz the Great and Powerful': *star

what a mess. what a bore. i have no clue how this film has made over $300 billion dollars except for the fact that we got fooled into thinking this was a 3d masterpiece. well it's not. i love james franco and rachel weisz and they deserve better and should do better by us.

don't waste your time that you'll never get back or your money.

MTM Reunion

mary, valerie and cloris will reunite with betty white on 'hot in cleveland' next season. june i believe. the thought passed thru my mind but i wondered if it could happen. the news yesterday not only said it could but that it would. joy!

Tina Fey Re-Channels Her Inner Palin on 'Inside the Actor's Studio'. Thank the Gods

'General Hospital' 50th Anniversary

april 1st is the date. 50 years and hopefully still counting

Friday, March 22, 2013

'Les Miserables' Releases Today on Bluray and DVD

a grand filmed version gets it's home release today. it is worth every cent you pay to rent or buy it. mine is already preordered from amazon. if you haven't you get to see some damn good performances, one of the worst musical singers of all time in russell croew and anne hathaway's demand and plea for an oscar that she did get over the better sally field in 'lincoln'. crowe and hathaway aside this is a gem with two flaws.

hugh jackman, amanda seyfried, samantha barks, aaron tveit and eddie redmayne are brilliant!

the cast at the oscars:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

TV Season in Review: 'The Good Wife'

i believe 'the good wife' is network's best tv drama. sure it's sophmore year had some rough times but season 3 rebounded with hurricane force. it more than refound it's footing. it still showcases the brilliant julianna margulies who's character alicia struggles with success, motherhood and most importantly personal integrity. she does so flawlessly. the show also boasts one of the best casts on tv, it has simply the best roster of guest roles that 'fit' in and are not there for 'show'.

i like 'homeland' and (the generally unlikeable) claire danes but neither hold a candle to 'the good wife' and ms margulies no matter what award seasons say. i can only hope for more of this great series. if you are not watching you are missing great writing, acting and direction. shame on you.

it is my #1 show right now. those 'pretty little liars' come in a close second. but they are both so different are they not? i know they are so different but so are my placing them near each other is not a stretch. it's just different shows for different tv watching needs.

'the good wife' season 3 gets an A.

one of my favorite versatile actresses made a guest appearance
 ms audra mcdonald

 and the brilliant stackard channing arrived as alicis's mother