Saturday, September 29, 2012

'Glee' Season 4 Is Adrift in Medocrity Since It Graduated Some of It's Best Talent

'glee' is in free fall. since graduation last spring the choir room now seems hollow and empty. and lifeless. with rachel finn, quinn and santana gone all we have are empty tables and empty chairs. where the hell is naya rivera and diane argon? these two are a major losses and makes the show a lot less gleeful. at this point i give it a more than generous c-

kate hudson? okay i am not a fan so when she is the best thing about the new season all bets are off. her character is miserable, her acting almost passable and with great amounts of editing her dancing is well...good. no more no less than good. i mean bebe neuwirth she ain't!

lea michelle is best off being in ny away from the mess in mckinley high. she's got a hot cute talented guy swooning over her. her best friend kurt joined her in search of his own dreams so now they are besties and roomies. but she does have to deal with ms hudson. all those who srtrive in the theater know it will be hard...damn hard. there will be more downs than ups. heartache and heartbrake are par for the course. many can do it and succeed. but can't you at least want your teachers to be better than you are. ms hudson is not better than lea michelle. she doesn't come close to lea michelle. and i ain't thinking ms michelle is on her way to an oscar. i'm jusy saying she'll get there faster than kate hudson. and yet she is the best thing in this new season. how can this be? i do not know. it boggles the mind.

lea wins hands down.

i'll keep trying to watch 'glee'. at least a few good musical numbers will show up. they always do.
like this:
lea and newcomer melissa benoist

'Revolution' Is a Boring Mess...

and i'm done with it already i gave it the required two episode test. it failed. it's like they took 'fast forward', 'terra nova', 'the event', 'the walking dead' and 'falling skies' in a blender and poured out this glob of nothingness. could they not have written just one likeable character. someone to care about. guess not. so i am revolting from this d- mess.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sunday Sweet Sunday is Coming

5 of my faves return for a new season this sunday
night  and i keep my fingers crossed for a sunday newbie. abc's adding '666 park avenue' on sunday night with 'once upon a time' and the moving 'revenge' seems a good idea. i hate that 'revenge' and 'the good wife' are up against each other but....i dvr 'the good wife' because who the hell knows when football will end on any given sunday night? just add recording time!

anyway here is sunday on abc:

 i wish cbs would send this back to a night that is not forever delayed by football or even worse golf.
i still love 'the good wife' and julianna margulies. it also boasts one of the best casts on the flat screens.

and then there is 'homeland' also returning on sunday. gratefully we can schedule this one at will to get it out of the sunday traffic jam.

all in all sunday's are looking tv good.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Josh's Juke Box: 'On My Own'

from the soundtrack of my life.
since i showd the poster art for 'les miz' yesterday this beauty of a song needs a revisit.

and i was dared by another blogger to name my top 100 songs from musicals. i'm up to 136 as of today. HA!
yet with a lot of thought i have come up with one that i must say is my favorite. 'on my own' from 'les miserables'

and here to sing it is the once and future eponine, samantha barks, brilliant rendering it. this is from the 25th anniversary concert of lez miz. miss barks will thankfully reprise the role in the film version coming in december.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Les Miz' Art Work

'les misersbles' the film poster goes back to it's origins by using the young cosette rather than the name stars in it's artwork. it's a nice tribute to the original concept. and let's not forget the original is still running somewhere in the world these 25 years later.
the film has been moved to christmas day in the states

the film

the new featurette

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Glee Moment: 'Cough Syrup'

one of glee's best moments last season. darren chriss sang 'cough syrup' while another cast member attempted suicide for being bullied because he was gay. i understand this bullying as i was a gay kid growing up in brooklyn. thankfully i never attempted this final solution. not all kids are as lucky as i am.

(anyway more on the new season coming soon)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Julianne Moore Vindicated

after getting thumbs down from the real pit bull julianne gets two thumbs up from emmy. AND FROM ME! i am sure sure ms moore knows an insult from the moronic palin is a compliment. yeah she knows!

does anyone come off more insincere than claire danes? she comes off a bit condescending and downright arrogant even when being honored. this does not take away from a brilliant performance. it just makes her a less than desirable human being with no humility at all. perhaps she can platy ann romney in 'game change 2'

New Rules

Finally Someone Who Agrees with Me about 'The Music Lovers'

 i actually love most of the madness of director ken russell. this is madness personified in visual lushness. this film should have made richard chamberlain a 'star'. glenda jackson is brilliantly courageous. it is not for the weak of heart, mind or spirit.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Emmy Awards Tonight

as much as i love a lot of tv the emmys don't grab me as say the oscars do. even though the oscars draw a lot of dreck they tend to pick 'most' of the best. most! not all. 

the emmys tend to get monotonous mostly due to repetition. 'mad men ' again? really? yes really. i'm not into most tv comedies to me they died with seinfeld, raymond, friends and the golden ladies.

but tv drama still gets me. i think most tv dramas are written better than big screen films. but the emmys also tend to ignore the real 'best of'. i mean 'once upon a time' and 'good wife' are ignored for best drama but those damn mad men keeps getting the nod. i still can't figure out who the hell nominates and eventually vote the winners. who is this committee?

well anyway the category that i think is the tightest and best this year is for actress in a leading role drama. it appears claire danes will win it. she is certainly worthy. i'd love michelle dockery to be the surprise winer. she is flawless in 'downton abbey'. ans a repeat win by julianna maggulies would be always welcome. i'd have voted for dockery. sublime. yes i repeat sublime. but hell i did not get a vote. 

enjoy them for what they are tonight. i do like the glamour of it all.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Josh's Jukebox" 'The Weddind Song'

for blake and ryan

paul stookey


blake and ryan quietly married this weekend. congrats to both.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Josh's Juke Box: 'The Prayer'

from the soundtrack of my life

'the prayer' is a beautiful song especially as a duet. many have been done but this one vocalized by andrea bocelli and katharine mcphee is my favorite.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

'Downton Abbey' Season 3 New Trailer

the date for the usa premier is jan. 6th on pbs. six months from today. damn! i know time flies but this seems like almost forever.

in the meantime

Monday, September 3, 2012

And Today the Intelligent Convention Begins

Josh's Jukebox: 'Rags'

what labor day is all about. the triangle fire factory showed the need for reform the musical 'rags' brought it to life. the amazing judy kuhn gave it life.

Happy Labor Day

kristen chenoweth and 'the star spangled banner'

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Man 'Les Miserables' Nick Pitera Medley

i have no idea who this guy, nick pitera, is but i think we all will hear more from him. his one man medley of 'les miserables' songs is brilliant. i've been doing this in my mind and in my shower for years. bravo!