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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Documentary 'Obsessed With Vertigo' About The Making & Restoration Of Alfred Hitchcock's Masterpiece

i am obsessed with 'vertigo' the film about obsession. it is one of film's best and in my estimation hitchcock's best. starring james stewart and the wonderful kinm novak it was really a box office flop when it was released. since that time it has become a cinematic classic.
in 1997 amc produced a documentary, 30 minutes, on the making of and the 1992 restoration of this masterpiece. it is now on you tube and here.

finally 'vertigo' has been released in bluray format currently available. this is the doc.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kim Novak: Live from TCM Classic Film Festival tonight on AMC

seldom seen anymore the wonderful miss novak has a sit down on her life and career. i love kim.
so tune in to tcm tonight at 8. it is repeated often.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Kim

i love kim novak. she was groomed to 'rival' marilyn monroe. she did well. her beauty was more natural. her acting was far better. and now the monroe fans will start shooting arrows aimed at mt heart. i just have the truth on my side along with a multitude of filmologists.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let's Talk About Kim

it appears to be time for a kim novak collection. and it is deserved. i love kim novak. was she the best actress ever? no. so what. she was a personality who could act. she was one studios answer to marilyn monroe. did she beat out monroe? no. was she a better actress than monroe? hell yes and most film historians agree. i'm a film historian and i sure agree. so there!

and did i mention she's a beauty.

the collection includes 'bell book and candle', 'jeanne eagles', 'picnic', 'middle of the night' and the truly awful 'pal joey'.

'pinic', and 'jeanne eagles' are among my favorite kim films. they would be joined by 'vertigo', 'the legend of lylah clare', 'bell book and candle' and the 'notorious landlady' in my collection.

but i also give you the following kim films that i like a lot. are they great films. hell no. some are good. some are campy. hell 'the legend of lylah clare' that i listed above is one of the campiest films ever. hey i'm gay. we love campy movies.

so give the collection a try. but avoid the bastardized 'pal joey' that went from a damn good broadway musical to a lousy frank sinatra ego trip of a movie.

i give you miss kim novak