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Halloween Horror at Universal

Off till Sunday with the buddies men.
See you then...but

Will anything there be as scary as eight years of this frighting horror?

Birthdays That Will Happen While I'm Away

10/15 Vanessa Marcil

10/16 Angela Lansbury, Kellie Martin and Tim Robbins

10/17 Montgomery Clift R.I.P.

10/18 Peter Boyle R.I.P.

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The Numbers: There Is Hope.

Tuesday, October 14
Race (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
Ohio SurveyUSA Obama 50, McCain 45 Obama +5
National Rasmussen Tracking Obama 50, McCain 45 Obama +5
National Reuters/C-Span/Zogby Tracking Obama 49, McCain 43 Obama +6
National Hotline/FD Tracking Obama 48, McCain 42 Obama +6
Pennsylvania SurveyUSA Obama 55, McCain 40 Obama +15
Pennsylvania Morning Call Tracking Obama 51, McCain 38 Obama +13
Michigan Quinnipiac/WSJ/WP Obama 54, McCain 38 Obama +16
Colorado Quinnipiac/WSJ/WP Obama 52, McCain 43 Obama +9
Minnesota Quinnipiac/WSJ/WP Obama 51, McCain 40 Obama +11
Wisconsin Quinnipiac/WSJ/WP Obama 54, McCain 37 Obama +17

Monday, October 13
Race (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
Ohio FOX News/Rasmussen Obama 49, McCain 47 Obama +2
Florida FOX News/Rasmussen Obama 51, McCain 46 Obama +5
North Carolina FOX News/Rasmussen Obama 48, McCain 48 Tie
Virginia FOX News/Rasmussen Obama 50, McCain 47 Obama +3
Missouri FOX News/Rasmussen Obama 50, McCain 47 Obama +3
New York SurveyUSA Obama 64, McCain 31 Obama +33
New Jersey SurveyUSA Obama 55, McCain 40 Obama +15
Missouri SurveyUSA Obama 51, McCain 43 Obama +8
Georgia SurveyUSA McCain 51, Obama 43 McCain +8
Oregon SurveyUSA Obama 57, McCain 40 Obama +17
National GW/Battleground Tracking Obama 53, McCain 40 Obama +13
National ABC News/Wash Post Obama 53, McCain 43 Obama +10
National Democracy Corps (D) Obama 51, McCain 42 Obama +9
National IBD/TIPP Tracking Obama 45, McCain 43 Obama +2
North Dakota Forum Poll/MSUM McCain 43, Obama 45 Obama +2
Ohio Marist Obama 49, McCain 45 Obama +4
Pennsylvania Marist Obama 53, McCain 41 Obama +12

Sunday, October 12
Race (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
California Rasmussen Obama 56, McCain 40 Obama +16
Colorado PPP (D) Obama 52, McCain 42 Obama +10
Nevada LVRJ/Mason-Dixon Obama 47, McCain 45 Obama +2
Delaware West Chester Univ. Obama 56, McCain 38 Obama +18

Saturday, October 11
Race (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
Oregon Rasmussen Obama 54, McCain 43 Obama +11
National Newsweek Obama 52, McCain 41 Obama +11
Iowa SurveyUSA Obama 54, McCain 41 Obama +13
Alabama SurveyUSA McCain 62, Obama 35 McCain +27
Florida Research 2000 Obama 49, McCain 44 Obama +5
North Carolina WSOC-TV Obama 46, McCain 48 McCain +2
Ohio Ohio Newspaper Poll Obama 46, McCain 48 McCain +2
Friday, October 10

Race (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
Ohio InAdv/PollPosition Obama 49, McCain 44 Obama +5
Georgia InAdv/PollPosition McCain 49, Obama 46 McCain +3
National FOX News Obama 46, McCain 39 Obama +7
Ohio Strategic Vision (R) Obama 48, McCain 46 Obama +2
Florida Strategic Vision (R) Obama 52, McCain 44 Obama +8
Wisconsin Research 2000 Obama 51, McCain 41 Obama +10
Alabama AEA/Capital Survey McCain 55, Obama 35 McCain +20
Michigan Rossman Group/MIRS (D) Obama 44, McCain 39 Obama +5

Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain's first wife is left in shadows
Miami Herald, Sunday, October 12, 2008
Many women are outraged by the reckless decision by Sen. John McCain to pick Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate. We are worried, frightened and frustrated.

So much is at stake in this election. The future of women's rights. The health of our democracy. The economy. Our civil rights. Sen. Barack Obama, you have my whole-hearted support for the presidency. You are the future and we need you.

We have lost respect and stature at home and abroad. The GOP has created a smoke screen that diverts attention from some of the inadequacies of John McCain. He was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, but what has he done for servicemen and veterans?

''McCain likes to illustrate his moral fiber by referring to his five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam,'' according to a June online article by London's The Daily Mail. ``And to demonstrate his commitment to family values, the 71-year-old former U.S. Navy pilot pays warm tribute to his beautiful wife Cindy, with whom he has four children.''


But there is another Mrs. McCain ''who casts a ghostly shadow over the senator's presidential campaign,'' according to the Daily Mail article, titled ''The wife U.S. Republican John McCain callously left behind.'' Carol McCain is seldom seen and seldom written about, despite being the mother of McCain's three oldest children.

Carol McCain was a slim beauty when she and John McCain married. While he was in Vietnam, Carol was in a catastrophic car accident. She was thrown from the car and sustained serious injuries. Her resulting injuries, according to a Los Angeles Times article, left her several inches shorter and heavier.


She has suffered in silence. The Times article states that McCain's eye began wandering long before he met Cindy, who was young, beautiful and wealthy. He divorced Carol in 1980 and shortly afterward married Cindy.

Carol McCain, who lives in a Virginia Beach bungalow, says she's not bitter against her ex-husband. She says their marriage ended because ''John McCain didn't want to be 40. He wanted to be 25,'' the Daily Mail article states.

There are lots of important issues to think about -- but let's not let the pick of a woman vice presidential candidate distract us.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

'The Duchess' Opens Wide This Weekend.

The Oscar buzz Has started for Keira Knightly already.
My review soon.

Happy Birthday Hugh Jackman

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kinda Says It All

Happy Birthday

Luke Perry

Emily Deschanel

Jane Krakowski

Joan Cusack

Stephen Spinella

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Debate by Tina

Kate's 'Heavenly Creatures'

1994. Kate Winslet's first feature film. You know what many critics said? I paraphrase: talented sure but will only ever get to play the girl next door. Too chunky you know. Could never be a leading lady. Kate was determined to prove them wrong. I guess five Oscar noms later she has. Brava Kate!

See this if you are a Kate fan. It can be a tough watch but for her ability.

Summary via IMBD

'Heavenly Creatures' is not your average film; it's done with a technique that is not common in the business, and therefore has been both criticised and praised. The technique is used by not just filming a story and it's actions, but by actually showing the side of the girls' vivid imaginations. This was done through the elaborate sequences of the girls' fantasies. This way of filming shows how the pair justified the crime they commit, a vital part of the story. The plot itself does not trail far from the true story, except for the fact of inferred lesbianism between the two girls. (Something the real-life Juliet Hulme has vehemently denied) So it's anyone's guess as to whether or not which possibility is the truth.

Visually, this movie is stunning. The landscape of Christchurch and the surrounding area is beautiful, and adds a sense of authenticity to the film. The voice overs are extracts from the real Pauline's diary, and explain very well what exactly is going on inside of her head. All in all, a very good portrayal by all of the actors (obviously on the part of Melanie Lynskey and Kate Winslet) and the music is exquisite.