Monday, May 30, 2011

Barbra for Memorial Day: 'America the Beautiful'*

have a good memorial day and for god's sake remember what it is for and what it means.

*this is for you adam. you changed my mind about the military because of your service.

'Criminal Minds' Mends It's Criminal Behavior

this past season 'criminal minds dropped aj cook and paget brewster from the long running series. a big mistake. with aj gone at the beginning of last season the series lost it's center and heart. dropping ms. paget halfway through the series the series lost it's feminine guts. ms. cook showed up in the series finale pathing her way to return next season. ms. brewster was just resigned this weekend. i hope both of them demanded a lot of cash. although the series remained a hit this past season the loss of these two actresses diminished both content and drama. for once a network listened to viewer protest.

i can now look forward to this series as 'must see tv'

the boring aj want to be has been let go. thank god.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

'Revenge' with Emily Van Camp

the show i am most looking forward to this fall. emily van camp is the lead. enough said.

connor paolo under utilized on 'gossip girl' costars along with madeliene stowe and henry czerny

Saturday, May 28, 2011

In Plain Sight' and 'Law and Order Criminal Intent' Have Started Their Summer Runs on USA

happily Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe are back in their original roles. Sadly this final season is only eight episodes long. maybe good ratings will change the minds of the powers that be. a really good addition this time around is julia ormand as the psychiatrist goren is forced to see to remain in his job. this could go so so far if the series is extended. so far damn good.

as season finales end on the networks usa brings 'in plain sight' back to fill the void. this season lives up to it's past three seasons with the amazing mary mccormick as the tough yet vulnerable mary shannon. why is this woman constantly ignored come emmy time? if you are not watching this show you are missing an intelligent adult drama. treat yourself.

 mary and costar frederick weller

Friday, May 27, 2011

'Company' Coming Soon to a Movie Theatre Near You...Hopefully

a grand experiment is about to take place. movie theaters showing broadway and theater specials. i'm counting on my gay followers in particular to catch this 5 showings only treat. if we want more we have to support the effort. it makes it or breaks it on our loyalty. hey patti lupone singing 'the ladies who lunch' is worth the entrance fee. this begins mid june. check the website cited in the first video below for a theater near you.

the amazing grand dame of musical theater

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chris Meloni Turns in His Shield

time to say goodbye. chris meloni will not return to 'svu' next season. with mariska hargity leaving mid season this law and order spinoff is dead in the water. the constancy of these two leads is what made it work. 'svu' is no loner 'must see tv'. it was a fun good run. now i say r.i.p. your days are numbered.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thank You Paul Ryan

New York Special Election: Medicare Will Be Issue Of 2012

the democrat won district 26 in new york a truly republican seat. so i thank you
mr. ryan and your medicare killing budget. i have never been more proud of a gop-er in my life.

Season Finales Part 2: The Best Finales of 2011

cliffhangers are the staple of the dramatic episodic shows since the 'who shot jr' moment on dallas. some are contrived, some are just okay and every once in awhile some are brilliant in that they astonish and make wish the summer away. this season there were four that left us begging for more. in alphabetical order they are:

'Castle': the season finale had more twists and turns that other shows can't accomplish in an entire season. rick castle has matured yet maintains his boyish charm. kate becket becomes a woman in search of a murderer and new roots. if nathan fillion and stana katic do not get emmy noms there is no justice. week after week they threw home runs. in the finale they astounded. bravo to both of them. all this with an amazing supporting cast makes this one of tv's best shows.

'The Good Wife': this is one of the few finales that had me smiling for days. but underneath that smile i was well aware of all the complications that are coming. julianna margulies continues to amaze. the writers continue to give us crisp characterizations and plot lines. this is the finest ensemble cast on network television. this is the best series on television. if you are not watching this you are missing tv at it's best.

'Pretty Little Liars: the juggler has not dropped a ball. the plate twirler keeps the dishes spinning. not a single crash yet. who's lying? who's being lied to? where the hell did that body in the bell tower go? who the frack is 'a' really? happily the next season begins june 14th but i don't expect qick answers.

The Vampire Diaries: it has left "true blood' in the dust. it is still the most erotic program on the air. damn who could keep track of the body count on the last two episodes. but the finale holy hell. damon getting heart? stefan going roque? elena/catherine what's next? september can't come soon enough.

honorable mention goes to 'bones'. it put a smile on my face but not 'the good wife' smile. the episode itself was a major letdown but the last 45 seconds semi redeemed it. almost!

Paul Ryan Takes Granni for a Day in the Park

courtesy of the agenda project

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Kirsten Dunst Wins Best Actress at Cannes

and i was thinking i was the only one who knew what a wonderful actress she is. well it appears she finally 'got' the right role. the film is 'melancholia'. she won despite some crazy nazi remarks made by director lars von trier. good for the jury that earlier in the week hung the director but honored the performer.

terrence malick's 'tree of life' won best picture. it opens nation wide this month.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Season Finales Part 1: Series Finales

i hate the words season and finales when they are joined together. season finale...ugh. now we tv viewers can be subjected to more mindless reality programing. but as bad as these season finales hit us it's the series finales that can really get to us. this season i lost two favortes: 'brothers and sisters' and 'lie to me'.

for sure ' b and s' may have hit spotty recently but it still had some wonderful story lines most notably kevin and scooty and gay adoption. it was handled with great sensitivity. and uncle saul's coming out at 70+ seemed perfectly logical and real and was sensitively done.

i must admit i will miss dinner with the walkers. and drinking wine with them yet not quite as much as them. i will miss sally field and rachel griffiths most of all. i will miss their scenes together above all. they were like two great dancers together who never missed a beat.

'lie to me' was one of tv's best. it just never seemed to find an audience. what does it say that all the nonsense reality shows do find an audience. it means america is getting dumber year by year. i hope that the wonderful kelli williams gets another show soon. i will miss ger disarming charm the most.

i will miss 'v'. i can't quite figure out why it did not arner more viewers. it's a shame really.

and that's it. no other cancellation has me missing them already at all. i think i will not ever miss them at all.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I Know Where I Will be on 04/06/2012...

jack and rose in 3D. although i question the 'reality' of converting films the 3D master, james cameron, is doing this digital 3D version himself. he is overseeing the entire conversion. hey what the hell to see this wonderful oscar winning film on the big screen once again is a treat alone. kate and leo together again on the greatest love adventure of our time. it can't come soon enough for me.

the release date honors the 100th anniversary of the the tragedy that the titanic was.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


 julianne moore as palin

meryl streep as thatcher

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Dead

hey birthers and teabaggers the black guy pulled this off....the white bush tried with no success but barack got the job done. so keep on talkin crap. you lost this round in a huge way.