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Monday, July 9, 2012

Natalie Wood's Cause Of Death Changed From 'Accident' To 'Undetermined'

Actress Natalie Wood's cause of death, formerly ruled as accidental drowning, has been formally changed to "undetermined."

The 43-year-old was found drowned in 1981, after a night of yachting off the Californian coast with her husband, Robert Wagner, and actor Christopher Walken. The Los Angeles Coroner's office ruled her death as accidental. The coroner's report noted that a night of heavy drinking could have caused her to slip and fall, according to MSNBC.

In November 2011, however, the case was reopened after Dennis Davern, the yacht's captain, came forward with new information about the incident. Davern said he believes that Wagner was responsible for Wood's death.

According to Davern, Wagner and Wood had been involved in an intense argument earlier that night, CBS reports. When Wood went missing, Davern claims, Wagner asked him not to look for her.

As of January 2012, the investigation had still found no new evidence to indicate Wood's death was a murder.

Now, however, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is changing their tune. Some of the bruises found on Wood's body, detectives told TMZ, have been determined to be inconsistent with death by drowning.

The detectives noted that they still believe drowning to be the ultimate cause of Wood's death. However, the suspicious bruises were one factor that led the L.A. County Coroner to change the cause of death on Wood's death certificate from "accident" to "undetermined."*

this comes as know surprise to me. i have thought for years that mr wagner was complicent in natalie's death. every time this case reopens i pray justice will be done. maybe then the lovely ms wood will be able to rest in peace.
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some say elizabeth taylor but i say natalie was by far the more beautiful woman on screen

gone but never forgotten

Monday, June 11, 2012

Friday, November 18, 2011

Natalie: Justice at Last

after 30 years almost to the date, 11/29, natalie may finally get justice in her sad and untimely death. investigations are at last reopening as authorities look into her husband robert wagner and his possible complicity in her drowning. i have always believed rj wagner knew more than he was saying as well as actor christopher walken. let's hope the authorities get it right this time and do not let 'celebrity' get in the way.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oscarbation: A Look Back at 1961 for Best Actress

1969 gave us the following: one brilliant performance, one wonderful performance, one breakthrough performance and two fairly good performances.

the nominees were:

piper laurie
piper laurie in 'the hustler' was completely overshadowed by lead actor paul newman. she gave an 'okay' performance that would not have ruled any other year either.

geraldine page
geraldine page in 'summer and smoke' gave a mighty good performance but i always tended to embrace her more on the stage than on the screen. she would go on to win the oscar for a far better role in a far better film.

natalie wood
natalie wood gave a breakout performance in 'splendor in the grass'. she crossed the barrier that most child stars are not able to cross with great success. although many will disagree i believe ms wood was nominated for the wrong film in 1961. she should have been nominated for 'west side story'. she would not have won but at the very least
would have been nominated for her most memorable performance. and she made a lovely maria who made you feel first her joyous innocence and then her tragedy. let me say: i love natalie wood. she lights up the screen always no matter how good or bad the material she had to work with.

audrey hepburn
audrey hepburn was and will always be holly golightly. she charmed her way through 'breakfast at tiffany's' and left an indelible mark on cinematic history. she won the oscar for a lesser role and lost the oscar for a superior role both of which i will address in the days and months to come. had it not been for the actress who holds my #1 spot, as well as the oscar, audrey may have won in 1961. those who know me know my love for audrey. i miss her to this day.

sophia loren
sophia loren in 'two women' gave one of cinemas best performances of all time. actually her performance is a masterpiece. the first actress to win the oscar in a non english speaking role that would not be achieved again until 2007. i cannot find enough words to satisfy her brilliant performance as a mother in world war 2 italy and the abuse, rape, of both herself and her daughter. interesting note on her casting: ms loren was first picked to play the daughter with anna magnani in the role sophia eventually essayed. ms magnani refused to play her mother. ms magnani felt sophia was too old to play her daugter. so on recast ms loren went on to win the oscar as cesira.

brava ms loren.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Remembering Natalie Wood

natalie wood 7/20/1938 - 11/29/1981

Friday, September 5, 2008

Natalie Wood: The Finale

I set out to pay tribute to Natalie Wood. I think I may have overdosed. But hell it's my blog. I think she died to soon, before the internet revved up and therefore did not get her due. Possibly I wanted to correct that. If I did then I am happy and thrilled.

On 11/29/1981 Natalie died. The circumstances surrounding her drowning will never be revealed. Money talks and it stops talk. All I know is that Natalie's greatest fear was the water. She would NEVER have gotten into that dingy alone. Christopher Walken has never said a word publicly. Her husband RJ has been silent until now. He is about to release a book that will rehash the same old same old. So be it then. Natalie you were a shining star. We are grateful for your body of work and making this world a more beautiful place to live in. Your true beauty added to it's beauty. Continue to Rest In Peace.

The Mother

The Warhol

My Favorites

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Natalie Wood 1964-1981*

Natalie filmed 10 movies during this period plus a cameo in 'The Candidate'. The most memorable at this point are 'Inside Daisy Clover', 'This Property Is Condemned' and 'Bob&Carol&Ted&Alice'. Most of the rest were fluff comedies. The only other of note is 'Brainstorm'. Memorable not because it is good but because Natalie never completed filming her part due to her untimely death.

*Brainstorm was released in 1983 after Natalie's passing