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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

'Back to Brooklyn' Tonight on PBS

the cd/dvd is now available
here's a sneak peak

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The 4th of July

i am the least patriotic person i know. much to the chagrin of family and some friends. i just can't get rahrahrah over any nation state. i don't believe in flag waving. well perhaps the gay pride flag but that's personal. i have not always been thrilled with the course this country has taken nationally or internationally. i think i'd feel this wherever i had been accidentally born into. i mean we are all born by accident into a certain geographical area. and although i feel a certain amount of allegiance especially  now with mr obama as president i just can't be fanatical. i mean there are the john mccain's at one end of the spectrum and well me on the other end of it.  don't send hate mail as i'll just ignore it.

that being said i love the song 'america the beautiful' and offer this as a tribute to the holiday.
(feel free to replace 'america' with the country of  your choice)

and just for the heck of it all...
'god bless america'
(israel and italy too)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

From the Soundtrack of My Life: 'What Kind of Fool' and 'Guilty'

 i love these duets between barbra and barry gibb. their harmonies are amazing. their voices just worked so well together. true musical perfection.
both compositions rank at the top of mr gibb's amazing list of hits.
happy birthday barbra

Thursday, April 11, 2013

From the Soundtrack of My Life: 'Hideaway'

i love this song. to date it is the last thing barbra has done music and/or otherwise that i've enjoyed. this being recorded in 2005.
and i like a gazzillion other gay men was her greatest fan.
not so much anymore.
 but i truly love this barry gibb piece and her voice was oh so wonderful on it. soft, velvety, perfection.
 and her phrasing, flawless, putting all others to shame.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

'Hello Dolly' Releases Today on BluRay

i know streisand hates this film and her performance in it. i disagree. i think she was damn terrific as dolly levi. she was funny and charming. and even poignant. i really like this filmed version of 'hello dolly' and recommend it to anyone who enjoys musicals and a fun time.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Glee Moment: Josh's Jukebox: 'Make No Mistake She's Mine'

from the soundtrack of my life
naya rivera and chord overstreet

 the original with barbra streisand and kim carnes

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

From the Vault: 'Release Me'

streisand's new cd release is not exactly new. barbra went t the vault picked out some 12 cuts she did not think worthy of release at the time of the recording. but what the hell. need to add a room on to the home or whatever and feeling a bit lazy and not in the mood to record well just go to the vault. a bit lazy? really lazy!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ranking the Best Actress Wins So Far

#1 katharine hepburn in 'the lion in winter'

#2 sophia loren in 'two women'

#3 glenda jackson in 'women in love'

#4 maggie smith in 'the prime of miss jean brodie'

#5 barbra streisand in 'funny girl'

#6 helen hunt in 'as good as it gets'

#7 julie andrews in 'mary poppins'

#8 marie dressler in 'min and bill'

#9 greer garson in 'mrs miniver'

#10 helen hayes in 'coquete'

#11 janet gaynor in 'seventh heaven'

#12 mary pickford in 'sins of madelon claudet'

#14 norma shearer in 'the divorcee'

#15 katharine hepburn in 'morning glory'

#16 elizabeth taylor in 'butterfield 8'

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oscarbation: A Look Back at 1968 for Best Actress

1968 was a mixed bag in the best actress category. and oddly enough it ended in a tie. there was no tie! there was only one best actress in the category. in fact the second best actress of the year was not even nominated. i'll address this major oversight tomorrow.

joanne woodward in ''rachel, rachel',
some overact. some underact. some sort of walk through a role. ms woodward was either underacting in this film or just walked through it because her husband and director paul newman wanted her in the film. mr newman did no favor for his wife. the film, as well as ms woodward's performance, is as dull as dishwater. she did not deserve a nomination for this one. another actress deserved this slot.

patricia neal in 'the subject was roses'
a talky stagy film from a better play. ms. neal gave it her all following a stroke. the film is easily forgotten as well as ms neal's performance. the nom was a 'welcome back' nod to the beloved actress. it was undeserved especially condidering who was left out in 1964. and i repeat another actress was most certainly left out.

barbra streisand in 'funny girl'
ms streisand gave a socko performance in her screen debut. her singing was a joy, her comedy moments were spot on. the problem was in the dramatic moments. she played it her way. it was our introduction to the ms streisand who believed she did not need a director. she split the oscar with katharine hepburn. this is patently absurd. barbra would go on to give some other even better performances. it's still a pleasure to watch the first half of this film. the second half is drudgery.

vanessa redgrave in 'isadora'
depending on what version you see ms. redgrave gives a great performance or a fairly good one. this film has been edited and shredded to death over time disgracefully. if you are lucky enough to see an original uncut version of the film you will see a wild manic performance that only the divine vanessa could give. she uncannily embodies dancer isadora duncan. i contend it is her best film role to date.

katharine hepburn in 'the lion in winter'
me hepburn gives the best damn performance of her long career in this film. ms hepburn gives one of the most brilliant film performances of all time in this film. she can make you laugh, cry, get angry or be empathetic from one moment to the next. i cannot praise her, or this film, enough. she gives us a masterclass in acting in 'the lion in winter'. splitting the prize with streisand? stranger things have happened.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Barbra for Memorial Day: 'America the Beautiful'*

have a good memorial day and for god's sake remember what it is for and what it means.

*this is for you adam. you changed my mind about the military because of your service.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Song of the Day: 'If You Could Read My Mind''

written and originally recorded by gordon lightfoot was a damn near oerfect song

but streisand put a twist on it and sang it from the woman's perspective. she did a damn good job. but the best was yet to come.

and the best came when viola wells created the monster dance version that is in constant replay in the collective ears of a generation