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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Dangerous Method' **1/2stars

 'a dangerous method' was a dangerous choice for the talented keira knightley'. she is forced to give us in closeups some of the most bizarre facial expressions i have ever seen on screen in her role as a psychiatric patient in this also bizarre film. but alas ms knightley rises to the occasion. she is quite brilliant actually. courageous too. i wish i could say the same for the film itself. it's a tough watch to say the least. i can only recommend it to fans of ms. knightley. and i must add i do not get michael fassbender in his role. he walks though this role as though he overdosed on valium. so the **1/2 stars i give it are for keira and her performance only. she deserved a better script.

it is now available on dvd and bluray

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

'Contagion' **1/2

it all falls apart after the first 15 minutes or so. except for matt damon it is a complete waste of talent. it is not the fault of the actors it's just that they are given nothing to do. it's a boring script and a boring movie. wait for the dvd release. there is enough coming out this fall without wasting time and money on this. it pains me to say this as kate winslet and marion cotillard are in it. and ms cotillard has the most thankless role of all.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

'Chloe' on DVD and Blu Ray: **1/2stars

'chloe' is not just another psycho-sexual drama. it's psycho-sexual drama with a twist. and it is twisted just enough for me to recommend it.

the casting of julianne moore and liam neeson was more surprising than genius. although they both handed in good performances it was somewhat disturbing to see them in these parts. really it was!

i can understand why amanda seyfried would sign on for the film. it's more dramatic fare than her previous turns and was an obvious image changer. she does succeed on both the dramatic stretch and the image change. she shows the talent she showed each season on 'big love' that most of her big screen roles didn't utilize. and i can now almost forgive her for 'dear john'.

it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but if you are a regular to my blog you have to be somewhat twisted so go ahead and give it a shot and rent it.

Friday, July 16, 2010

'The Cove' Available on Blu Ray and DVD **1/2stars

the academy award winner for best documentary is good not great. some horrific scenes of whale and dolphin slaughters are eye opening to say the least. the japanese who claim no knowledge of the slaughter some how remind me of a generation of germans who claim no knowledge of the holocaust. you can make your own decision on this matter.

it is also your choice to rent or not. the narrative and interviews border on the tedious. the 'heroes' appear to be patting themselves on the back way to much. they appear to enjoy the spotlight more than the cause.