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Monday, June 10, 2013

Neil and Audra Closing Tony's 2013

neil was at his brilliant best. the writers did it again! getting all the winners ready for the closing number. amazing. and neil learns it lickity split. he's brilliant.
this year he brought out the godess to 'help' him out. like he needs help!!! but i love audra and was thrilled she was with him..

the finale 2013

Tony Performances

this number with laura benanti, megan hilty and andrew rannells joining neil on stage was brilliantly funny. especially ms benanti.

and from 'cinderella'

'Pippin' Did Reign Supreme

i wrote the other day i love 'pippin'. i predicted the win and the one for lead actress patins miller.
like 'chicago's revival i think this incarnation will pass the run of the original numbers wise. damn 'chicago' has rightfully been running 17 years. how many times dis i see that??? don't ask.

here is 'pippin'

Neil's Opening at the Tony's

(more to come)

Tony's 2013

as i knew neil patrick harris was great yet again. 'pippin' and it's lead actress patina miller took home the tony's for best revival and musical actress. and my baby judith light won her second tony in a roe in supporting category. i knew she'd be great the moment she appeared on my tv as karen wolek in 'one life to live'.

pippin and patina miller

billy porter
(yes that is mr porter)

judith light