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Sunday, December 30, 2012

'Argo' ****

'argo' the based on a true story about the rescue of 6 americans during the carter administration is really really good. we know how it will turn, out but i now say the brilliant, director ben affleck keeps us engrossed and on the edge of our seats throughout. the cast is one of the best ensemble casts of the year. special kudus to alan arkin a supporting actor nominee potential.

a potential best picture nominee i urge you to see it. and congrats mr. affleck. you are three for three.
it is the possible winner of that roque oscar.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Look Back at 2011's 'Take Shelter' ***1/2stars

2011 gave us two apocolyptic films. the brilliant 'melancholia' and it's extremely close runnerup 'take shelter'. a man on the verge of a breakdown as he has visions, dreams, of the impending end of the world. michael shannon who stole 'revolutionary road' from kate winslet, leonardo decaprio and kathy bates, turns in one of the best performances of the decade. he is up and coming and oneday will have an oscar on his mantle. he is simply put brilliant. jessica chastain gives another great performance which is one of many she showed in 2011.
althugh i believe 'melancholia' is the better 2011 apocalyptic films of 2011 his is the more accessible to a wider audience. i can't recommend them enough if you love film.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

'Margaret' ****stars

about a week ago i wrote that 'last night' was a lost gem of 2011. 'margaret' turns out to be the lost masterpiece of 2011. originally scheduled for release in 2007 but held back due to lawsuits and other studio nonesense with the director it was finally unveiled with little fanfare or sceenings in september of 2011. that's the pity. this is a brilliant film about a girl, a bus driver, her mother, her guilt, her conscience. sounds simple? it's not. it's a complex drama that weaves a dramatic spell. and who knew anna paquin was such a great actress. oscar or not for the deadly dull 'the piano' at ten years old who knew. good yes but great? yes! she gives an amazing performance and one of the best of this young century. the rest of the cast delivers. all of them. 

i can't recommend this film enough especially if you are a true fan of the art of film. i would revise my top ten of 2011 and put this in the #1 spot.