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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Patti Lupone Goddess

awhile back i gave us patti singing 'the ladies who lunch' from the sondheim birthday concert. well here is the version from the 2011 concert version of company. damn this woman still blows us away. brava!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Tony's: Neil Patrick Harris

2009 opening

2011 opening

2012 opening

need i say more?



so for god's sake watch neil and the tony's tonight
(i love this guy) 

ok ok one more with hugh jackman

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tony Memories Part 2: The Performances

celebrate the broadway musical with me and these tony award highlights and don't forget to tune in tomorrow night for the 67th annual tony ceremony.

'hair' 2009

'they're playing our song' 1979

'the life' 1997

'the king and i' 1996

'gypsy' 2008

'les miserables' 1987

'man of la Mancha 2003

'the boy from oz' 2004

'a chorus line' 2007

'chicago' 1997

'cats' 1983

'porgy and bess' 2012

'evita' 1980

1981 tony's medley

'woman of the year' 1981

'applause' 1970

'fiddler on the roof' 1968

'into the woods' 1988

2012 opening with neil patrick harris

'evita' 2012

'pippin' 1973

'chicago' 1976

'cabaret' 1967

'cabaret' 1998

'grey gardens' 2007

'next to normal' 2009

'how to succeed in business without really trying' 2011

'la cage aux folles' 2010

'catch me if you can' 2011

'south pacific' 2008

'wicked' 2004

'anything goes' 1988

'spring awakening' 2007

'company' 2011

'company' 2007

'west side story' 2009

'ragtime' 1998

'the lion king' 2008

'three penny opera' 2006

'rent' 1996

'annie' 1977

'bosom buddies' bea arthur and angela lansbury

opening segment 1999 with patti lupone, betty buckley, jennifer holliday and rosie o'donnell

'110 in the shade' 2007

'grand hotel' 1990

'kiss of the spider woman' 1993

'drowsy chaperone' 2006

 'the phantom of the opera' 1988

'jesus christ superstar' 2012

'sweeney todd' 2006

sunday in the park with george' 2008

'sunday in the park with george' 1984

'my one and only' 1983

the fabulous dorothy loudon 1983

and let's finish all this greatness with the eleven o'clock number and angela lansbury 1989

enjoy the tony's

Friday, June 7, 2013

Broadway's Lost Treasures 2

in this compilation i was lucky and i repeat privlidged to see these performances of patti lupone, angela lansbury, bea arthur, richard kiley, nell carter, michael jetter, walter bobbie, george hearn, shirley verrett, jerry orbach, kathi moss, katharine hepburn and the original cast of les miserables live. great joy.
and i am grateful for this compilation to see those performances i did not see on broadway.


Tony Memories: And the Winners Are...

the tony's are given sunday night so let's make some memories
some of my favorite actresses wins are:

bebe neuwirth  lead actress musical in 'chicago' 1997

 angela lansbury musical lead for 'dear world' 1969, 'gypsy' lead 1975, 'sweeney todd' lead 1979 and 'blithe spirit' featured actress drama 2009.

maureen stapleton lead drama 1971

rita moreno supporting 1974 'the ritz'

christine baranski featured actress 'the real thing' 1984

maggie smith lead actress for 'lettice and lovage' 1990

mary-louise parker lead actress drams 'proof' 2001

audra mcdonald featured actress musical for 'ragtime' 1998

chita rivera lead actress musical 1993 'kiss of the spider woman' and 1984 'the rink'

donna murphy l996 lead musical actress for 'the king and i'

kelly bishop featured actress musical 1976 for'a chorus line'

patti lupone best actress musical 2008 for 'gypsy'

audra mcdonald lead actress musical 'porgy and bess' 2012

karen olivio featured musical actress 2009 for 'west side story'

(tomorrow some of my favorite performances at the tony awards)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

'Broadway's Lost Treasures' Part 1

it's that time of the year when we celebrate broadway. the tony awards are sunday evening. so for the next few days i take time to celebrate the broadway musical that has sososo much influenced my life. so much of broadway has been lost but there are  three compilations that save some of the best moments and performances from the great white way.
patti lupone, julie andrews, carol channing, angela lansbury, tommy tune, twiggy, dorothy loudon, joel grey, gwen verdon, chita rivera, jerry orbach, andrea mcardle, bonnie franklin and the brilliant barbara harris appear in part 1. i was lucky enough and privlidged to see all of their performances seen here live.

i will post part 2 tomorrow and part 3 one day next week following the 2013 awards.

(this compilation is available on dvd which you can purchase through the link on the right panel)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Extra Extra Read All About It: Neil to Host Tony's for 4th Time

thank god. nobody does it better.

2012 opening

neil and hugh jackman duet 2012

the special appearance by the cast of 'company' 2012
2012 closing

Sunday, April 21, 2013


cheers to ms lupone on her birthday. cheers to patti everyday actually.
from the soundtrack of my life
two from 'sunset boulevard'

Sunday, March 31, 2013

'A New Argentina' and 'Buenos Aires'

writing of the man who is now pope, from argentina, the soundtrack of my mind plays on. the question is patti or madonna. easy. both!

'a new argentina'

with mandy patinkin

'buenos aires'

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Josh's Jukebox: 'Anything Goes'

from the soundtrack of my life

'anything goes'
a new crush: jonathan groff

an everlasting love: patti lupone

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How the Hell Did I Miss This 'Till Today

 from the soundtrack of my life

this is a gay man's wet dream. patti grapping onto 'don't rain on my parade'. freakin A.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Stephen Sondheim

to help you celebrate here is patti lupone performing your songs

 and neil patrick harris

Friday, July 20, 2012

'Evita' The New Cast Recording

the new cast recording was released a couple of weeks ago. i haven't seen the show but these vids have me intriqued. i had sworn off it after the disastrous showing on the last tony show. perhaps i can change my mind. fact: vocally patti lupone and mandy patinkin cannot be beat. visually madonna will not be beat. she in fact was born to play this role. she should play no other role...ever. this was a grand fluke for madonna. but i digress...

the new 'evita'

Monday, June 25, 2012

Josh's Jukebox: Patti Lupone at 54Below

patti lupone singing 'gypsy in my soul' from her new cabaret act at '54below' in nyc

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tony Highlights

the best of tony awards 2012

 opening with the cast of 'book of mormon'  

 neil patrick harris opening number 'what if life was like the theater'

 neil patrick harris song medley

 the cast of 'porky and bess' with the incomparable audra mcdonald  

 neil patrick harris the closing number. how the hell does he do it?  

 ricky martin 'and the money comes rolling in' from 'evita'

audra's win judith's win

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tony's Tonight: The Best of Broadway

hosted by neil patrick harris

current nominees

some past winners. if i have to tell you who they are you don't know broadway

this seasons eligible shows

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Tony's: Best of Broadway Tonight

once again joyfully hosted by neil patrick harris

some tony nominated and/or winning memories

from 'cats'

from 'next to normal'

from 'south pacific'

from 'la cage aux folles'

from 'mame'

from 'a chorus line'

from 'chicago'

from 'spamalot'

from 'evita'

from 'fosse'

from 'cabaret'

from 'my one and only'

from 'anything goes'

from 'into the woods'

from 'kiss of the spider woman'

from 'wicked'

from 'ragtime'

from 'les miserables'

from 'fiddler on the roof'

from 'the lion king'

from 'hair'

from 'drowsy chaperon'

from 'dreamgirls'

from 'west side story'

from '110 in the shade'

from 'the act'

from 'song and dance'

from 'grand hotel'

from 'the apple tree'

from 'the threepenny opera'

from 'sunday in the park with george'

from 'nine'

from 'rent'

from 'phantom of the opera'

from 'you're a good man charlie brown'

from 'sideshow'

from 'man of la mancha'

from 'my fair lady' and 'camelot'

from 'damn yankees'

from 'purlie'

from 'woman of the year'

from 'they're playing our song'
 (the biggest snub in tony history was in not nominating lucie arnaz in this role. however, she showed her professionalism showing up on award night and performing)

from 'xanadu'

from 'rags'

from 'sweeney todd'

from 'gypsy'

and one more time: neil patrick harris

i hope you enjoyed this trip down tony's memory lane. i certainly did preparing it and watching these wonderful musical moments.

enjoy the tony's tonight