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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

'Dallas' Renewed for a Third Season

there was concern after larry hagman passed. but the powers that be saw fit to renew the series. good move. it does work even though jr is gone.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Week We Said Goodbye to J.R. Ewing and Claudia Joy Holden

two of tv's most beloved characters passed this week.

kim delaney is gone from 'army wives' as claudia joy holden. it's hard to imagine the series without her. she was the heart, soul and center of the show.

larry hagman's real life passing meant the passing of tv icon j r ewing. this brings up the decade old adage 'who shot j r?'

Monday, July 16, 2012

Spring TV Season in Review Part 2: 'Dallas' and 'The Newsroom'

what a surprise. i thought 'dallas' would be rehashed trash. i'd give it a shot or two and remove from my dvr. i could not wait for aaron sorkin's 'the newsroom' after all he gave us 'the west wing'. well after a few episodes each 'dallas' stays on my dvr and 'the newsroom is history.
'the newsroom' is just plain awful. deadly dull. a series that relies on old news stories to tell it's story. what the frack happened to aaron sorkin? he made politics relevant in 'the west wing' but makes them old hat in this new series. jeff daniels and sam waterston try hard in poorly written scripts. is emily mortimer and allison pill who really kill this show. two wacko female characters who can't act their way out of this mess. they suck! really they do.

i give this series an F and hope it is buried soon to put us out of our misery. oh no wait it has been renewed already oy.

on the other hand...i thought 'dallas' would be same old same old. a rehash of a hit that became painful in it's final days/seasons. WRONG! it lives. the next generation of ewings carry on a grand tradition of scheming and revenge. and jr ewing, bobby and sue ellen are all there to help them out with their less than stellar machinations. just one question. what the hell is up with larry hangman's eyebrows? another... how does linda gray stay so fabulous looking. i love her sue ellen and am thrilled she is back with a vengeance.

'dallas' gets a B+ which ain't to shabby.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The New 'Dallas' Tinight on TNT

sure i'm going to give it a try

the first generation
 the second generation
let the games begin